Strategic Rationale

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Aurora believes that the combination of the two companies is extremely compelling and offers a significant opportunity for both companies to accelerate growth and shareholder value creation. Among other things, the combined entity will have:

  • Over 40,000 patients - a combined total of over 40,000 active registered cannabis patients in Canada, with the ability for CanniMed to leverage Aurora’s CanvasRx subsidiary to accelerate patient registration;
  • 6 state-of-the-art facilities – multiple EU GMP certifiable facilities to service the rapidly growing Canadian and international markets;

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  • More than 240,000 kg of funded capacity - with significant additional capacity planned and funded;
  • Expanded international presence – an expanded international presence, with operations and agreements across North America, the European Union, Australia, South Africa, and the Cayman Islands;

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  • Increased oil production – high throughput oil production through Aurora’s strategic extraction partner Radient Technologies Inc. to satisfy growing international demand;
  • Broader product portfolio – more product lines, including delivery mechanisms and devices;
  • Strategic product synergies – complementary product offerings which will provide better opportunities for market penetration in new sectors;
  • Accelerated growth through innovation - enabling CanniMed to leverage Aurora’s sector leadership in execution, technology integration and innovation to accelerate development and growth potential;
  • eCommerce - enabling CanniMed to leverage Aurora’s unparalleled e-commerce platform, including the only mobile app in Canada that enables customer purchases;
  • Strong cash position and balance sheet fueling rapid growth – Aurora`s sector-leading cash position and balance sheet will enable faster roll-out of initiatives for CanniMed to accelerate growth.